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Cheat Meal / Diet Planning Question

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    Cheat Meal / Diet Planning Question

    Yes, another cheat meal thread...Although this one actually has an interesting question...

    Obviously, a cheat meal, is a meal where you eat whatever you want not really caring about the benefits or the breakdown of the food.

    Usually a cheat meal for me will occur on the weekends, either Friday/Saturday night when I'm out with friends. Will grab dinner and then go out, and I'll order something that I like. Sometimes I also grab breakfast with my mom on Sundays at a local breakfast spot and have a nice meal. Right now I'm dieting, and try to limit this to 1-2 times a week. Sometimes the cheat happens out of the blue when I'm out, other times it's a planned meal out.

    I've been dieting for about 4 months now, and doing around 1,900-2,100 calories (400-500 cal deficit) a day and weighing in around 190lbs. I've been averaging about 4-5lb loss per month (only weight myself on the 1st of every month) so this seems to be about the right amount. I have a pretty sedimentary job, and always working on computers, with a small amount of physical activity.

    Here are some interesting questions:

    1. If I'm only doing a 500 cal deficit a day, which relates to 1lb a week of loss...How does a cheat meal not ruin the deficit? Let's say I have a 1500 cal over a daily amount, wouldn't that pretty much negate 3 days of the deficit? I just don't seem to understand how it's possible to have cheats and still have that 3,500 calorie deficit.

    2. How many cheat meals can you have a week and get away with? How many do you guys do?

    3. If I know I'm going to eat out at dinner at night, should my entire day be altered? I typically have 1,900-2,100 calories a day and just eat healthy foods and tally it up at the end of the day. Usually something like 40/30/30 split. Although I really don't have any system other than counting, and lower carbs than usual. If I know I'm going to have a huge dinner, should I lower the carbs/calories all day?

    4. This is sort of the opposite of my previous question. Let's say I have an EPIC breakfast on Sunday, although I have no idea how many calories I consumed, other than the fact it was way more than usual. What do I do the rest of the day? Just have meals, or do I lower the calories? Usually I eat to hit the goal # of 1,900-2,100...I feel after a big breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bagel, etc.) I have no idea where I'm at for the day, and feel kinda lost with no direction. It almost makes me wonder if I should just cheat the entire day since I have no idea where I am for food intake, and no idea how much food/servings I should have the rest of the day.

    I'm probably overthinking all of these questions...although I always sort of think about it and try to make sense out of it. I have mad insane progress last 3-4 months, and just want to make sure I really understand how this all works. I've had tons of cheat meals since I started, just never really had a good grasp on how they were affecting me, and how to handle the rest of the day, or the previous part of the day.


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    Ok the main premise behind a cheat meal besides if nothing else for mental sanity lol is to reset your metabolism.

    Our bodies are incredible adapting machines. When u are carefully dieting as you are your body gets to the point where it says ok guys let's hold onto what bf is here cause all we are getting in is X amount of cals. By having that silly calorie cheat day resets the metabolism. The body sees this large amount of cals and says wow not need to hold onto bf there is tons of cals coming in. The body turns up the metobolic furnace again and starts burning fat.

    Don't worry so much with the scale/weight a day or so after a cheat day. Might take a few days before things settle after that caloric storm lol.

    If your body is truly in a cal deficit for a while like yours. You should find those cheat days actually help to keep you losing esp in that big picture

    U def have a handle on things. The same reasons u are worried is why so many other ppl do and feel omg why would I want to cheat and go backwards. This is not the case and a cheat day will spike that metabolic furnace and bust through losing weight plateaus.

    Scott Abel had a whole diet based on the recomp or refeed day called the cycle diet. It's very interesting info. Following his diet once the body is ready to accept it u can eat 15-18,000 cals on that refeed day. The body must be ready to accept it however.

    Here is a glimpse of that diet. If nothing else Proves the point that in a well rounded diet program despite uneducated belief a cheat day won't ruin things!!
    The guy in the video is a natural bb and close to comp time names Kevin "the machine" Weiss. After seeing how he trains.....I would not be shocked of he truly is natural. Man is a machine for sure!!

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