Hi Guys,

Aiming this one mainly at the pro's.

Okay ive done a batch or 2 now, some came out good some came out cloudy. So i just wanna get things clarified and set up properly

So... Using the following equipment can people just confirm the correct steps in getting the best brew.

Peristaltic Pump (Dolphin 75 from RLS, is this okay or too powerful? And should i be using it on 240v or 115v as the device did come from RLS.. if 115v not a problem i have a transformer... i cant help but think possibly the reason some of the batch came out cloudy was because i was running it on 240v.. maybe it was pumping too fast?)
Replacement tygon peristaltic tubing
Replacement high quality tubing for intake and extake to the peristaltic
Whatman Polycap 36 AS (Unless any of your recommend a better capsule filter, the one i have comes without filling bell... and is this capsule filter suitable for EO based compounds?)
Dry Heat Steriliser
Magnetic Hot Plate / Stirrer
1 inch Stir Bars
1L Media Bottles with Caps
Beakers of many shapes and sizes
Conical Measuring Cylinders
HEPA Air Filter 99.9%
Ultraviolet C Lamp
Mask / Lab Coat
3-50ml Dispenser / Dispensette (Set to 10ml)

This is how i think the process should go and where i may need correction:

Using gloves and a face mask turn on the air filter and do the following

1. Clean glassware with non-residue soap or dishwasher cleaning solution.... rinse with distilled water (some recommend at this stage an IPA alcohol bath? necessary?)
2. Put stoppers in hydrogen peroxide solution / isopropyl alcohol?
3. Put everything stoppers, vials etc in my dry heat steriliser
4. Wipe down all sides / work surface with dettol or similar, then wipe with IPA?
5. Put powder into beakers, with solvents and heat and stir until disolved
6. Add oil and allow to stir until clear
7. Put the intake tube into this solution
8. Turn on peristaltic pump and it will start to filter solution through the whatman polycap into the media bottle
9. Once filtered Cap the solution.
10. Turn on the UVC Lamp and leave on for 30 mins to allow it to kill and surplus bacteria that could have somehow managed to creep its way somewhere
11. Once done take out the vials and stoppers from the steriliser and put each stopper into each vial creating a protection barrier.
12. Take each stopper off for a second to dispense the solution into the vial then put the stopper back on. Line up all vials when done
13. Crimp all vials
14. Possibly run the UVC Lamp again

I plant to buy a laminar flow hood, what steps would this alleviate and where would i add that into this procedure?

Thanks guys hope to see some good responses!