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    Tour De France

    1: Should it happen?

    2: If it does, should Lance and the US postal team bow out?

    3: Should the networks black it out?
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    Re: Tour De France

    Originally posted by Tboy
    1: Should it happen?
    Yes. Sports and politics should FOREVER remain seperate.

    Originally posted by Tboy
    2: If it does, should Lance and the US postal team bow out?
    Absolutely NOT. Despite what I said in #1, we need to go ever and kick their froggy asses. Show them who's boss.

    Originally posted by Tboy 3: Should the networks black it out?
    Yes, but don't accept advertisements from any French companies and keep going on and on about what a stinking shit hole the country is. Make it look like a really lousy tourist destination.
    Rules? You mean we have RULES for that???

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    You think they French hated Lance before??? The thing is, the more they boo him, the harder he goes. Lance admits that the booing just angers him and makes him want to shove it down their throats even more.

    I think they should run the TDF. I think US Postal should participate. I am undecided on the networks boycotting it, not that they showed much coverage anyway. OLN shows every stage though, and I doubt they would boycott it.

    GO LANCE!!!

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    Lance says he is going to win the Worlds in Hamilton this year. I highly doubt he can pull the Tour de France and the Worlds. It seems to be that it is pretty much one or the other.

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