I was on a 10 week - Test, Deca cycle with D-Bol first 3 weeks and Tren the Last 6 - not asking whether that was the smartest cycle in the world - I know there are millions of different viewpoints on what is best. What I would like to know is where I went wrong with my PCT. Right after my last shot I took 1500 iu of HCG and continued for two weeks. Two weeks after last shot (ok week and half) I started Clomid and and Aromasin - think it was 300 clomid first day then 200 for a rest of first week and then 100 for remaining 5 weeks.

The reason I ask what i did wrong is I'm on on Test Replacement just prescribed Androgel but gonna try and get injectable prescribed instead. Did not do this intentionally and the test for my levels was done well after my PCT was finished.

I'm not looking for critisism or bashing - but any and all suggestions or advice would be helpful.