Letrozole during pct? please help.

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    Exclamation Letrozole during pct? please help.

    Hi. im running a 7 week cycle and just started week 6 today. (2 weeks left) +3days until pct.

    1-7 test p 100mg/EOD
    2-5 tren A 100mg/EOD
    1-7 adex 0.5mg/ED

    3-7 hcg 500iu/E3D

    w-8,5-11 nolva 40/40/20/20
    w-8,5-11 Adex 0.5mg/ED

    Stats: 28Y 77.5kg 12.5%bf

    Now..... Its the first cycle i feel a small Pea-like ball under/next to left nipple. nothing that really shows..

    I was thinking bout skipping the Adex and jumping on Letro to clear up anything.

    My question is ,,,,,, i have 2 weeks left on cycle + 3days until PCT,,,,,

    Can i run the letro This last 2 weeks + on to the pct with nolva ? ... and then finish letro 1,5 week before i stop the Nolva during pct?

    So basicly run 4 weeks letro, 2w on cycle , 2w pct, and the 2 weeks pct nolva by itself for rebound.

    Is this my safest bet? I would Appretiate any Input since i dont know what to do cause pct is around the corner.

    Thank u.

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    Letro is a last resort for most people. It works but comes with its own issues. Could be gyno from estrogen or prolacton (never done tren but I think it increases prolacton). Do you have access to any Caber, Parimi or Bromocripton? If so I would try one of them first. Maybe even increase the Adex to 1.0 per day.

    If you do go with the letro start out with low dose tapering up and then taper off also. Then be sure to get something like aromisin to take after as well to "pct" from the letro.

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