25 years old, 240lbs 15% bodyfat 6ft 1, Been training for about 13 years. Diet is VERY strict, Carb cycling with about 400g protein daily atm, 300g carbs on high carb days 100g carbs on low. Trying to add back some mass lost while dieting. So anyway here is the layout (oh yeah and I train 5 days a week, 3 days a week cardio while bulking, 6 days a week cardio while cutting, Sets all start heavy work up to about 95% 1rm then drop down sets for volume). I do blast and cruises for bout 8 months and then take 6 month breaks for recovery. And yes I do have bloodwork done. Here is what I'm up against right now

AI is arimadex as needed while on blast, have exemestane for cruises, letro for emergencys and caber .5mg eod throughout blasts. I am not gyno prone and from experience if you get AI trigger happy you its the same thing as putting weed killer on a flower.

weeks 1 - end 165mg Test E, 165mg Nandrolone Decanate 165mg weekly.
Weeks 1-7 200mg Test Prop EOD
Weeks 5-7 20mg M1T Daily
Weeks 1-7 800mg Stanodrol Daily
Weeks 8-15 165mg Test E and, 165mg Nandrolone Decanate 165mg weekly. (cruise)
Weeks 16-24 100mg Test Prop EOD
Weeks 16-17 50mg Masteron Prop ED
Weeks 16-17 50mg Tren Ace ED.
Weeks 18-19 75mg Masteron Prop ED
Weeks 18-19 75mg Tren Ace ED
Weeks 20-21 100mg Masteron Prop ED
Weeks 20-21 100mg Tren Ace Ed
Weeks 22-23 125mg Masteron Prop ED
Weeks 22-23 125mg Tren Ace ED
Weeks 20-24 30mg Halotestin ED

First half cycle will be Lean bulk, mid Cruise will be maintaining that size while eating clean and attempting to condition the new size. I had been on a 6 month natural cut until a month ago. dropped from 275 at 28% bf to 219 at 14%. Just from switching to carb cycling and eating again I've gained a little over 20lbs back over the last month and lifts have gone up dramaticly. I am going to try to gain as much strength and size while remaining as lean as I can on this first half. The 2nd half after the cruise and mild conditioning I will be going on an adjusted slight calorie deficit with 6 days a week 45 min a day low impact cardio. That coupled with the nutrient partioning effects of Mast, Tren, Halo, and low test I hope to end my blast at around the weight I am now but close to single digit bodyfat. The reasoning behind the constant dose adjustments in the 2nd half is so myostatin doesn't fuck me over, and yes I have had experience with it in the past. I have also taken every compound listed other than masteron at higher doses than listed at one point or another. Also if I end up reaching my bodyfat goals before the end of my blast I may change out the Halo for a mix of Dbol and Abombs at 50mg each (done this before aswell, if you haven't mixed Dbol and Abombs and have tried them both before your missing out).

Last up, Bodyfat was checked with bod pod. As far as sides go I have all anxilleries needed if anything arises. But I'm not prone to gyno, acne or limp dick from 19nors. Blood pressure sits at about 120/60 when off cycle, when I was 275 on 700mg tren, over 1g test, and Anavar, Dbol, and Abombs it was 132/77 at the highest that I remember. I know the consequences of cycling and blast/cruise. At the stage I'm at now, pretty much no going back and I don't have any regrets. Any questions feel free to ask, sorry for the length of the post, before someone asks, no I don't post pictures.