Tell them please. lie if you have to, as long as they are funny!

about 10 years ago I was working nights and my roomate worked days. After work a freind came over and we had a few drinks, I put on the playboy channel after a drink I went to bed and closed the hallway door so the TV wont wake up my roomate. My roomate wakes up early for work and hears sex going on in the livingroom and thinks I must have hooked up. So he skips brewing coffee and jumps in the shower and gets ready for work. He's patiently waiting for me to get done and is thinking dammit how long am I gonna bang hes gonna be late for work. Finally hes cant wait hes late for work and yells out I'm not gonna look I'm late for work I'm just gonna pass thru, half asleep I say what, then he goes to my room and says who the hell is banging in the living room? So now I'm awake and confused I'm thinking my freind must have made a booty call, so I say dude just go, they wont care, he opens the door and we see the TV on and my freind is passed out on the couch, I start laughing and my roomate says M********fers I'm late now and runs out the door.