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Health Care Ruling's Immediate Effects Unclear

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    Health Care Ruling's Immediate Effects Unclear

    The millions already benefiting from the health care law await the Supreme Court's decision this month on whether it's constitutional. It's unclear just how and when people might lose this help if it's partially or entirely overturned. (June 15)

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    if anything they will eliminate the individual mandate.

    healthcare costs could easily be reduced by 30% just by allowing more foreign MD's into the US, reduce unnecessary costly tests (MRI/CT scans) and get moving on the electronic records.

    but healthcare is a protected industry because not only does it account for 17% of US GDP at this point, it directly effects the lifespan and quality of life of many. those in the lower income quintiles have been priced out of the ability to afford healthcare which is why the US leads the wealthy countries in the number of preventable deaths.
    William F. Buckley describes a conservative as, "someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop." - and then proceeds to drag civilization back to times best left in history's dungheap.

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