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People who know their stuff about quality multi ingrediants, want opinion?

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    People who know their stuff about quality multi ingrediants, want opinion?

    hi all, recently was talking to a reputable and knowledgeable person and he stated that most multis are full of shit and will not really be absorbed, he recommended this multi Dr. Cranton's PrimeNutrients

    I cannot find much research on it so I am wandering if the guys that know there stuff can have a look at the ingredients to confirm there high quality

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    6 tablets *a day* is fucked up.
    20 times the RDA for vitamin C is overkill, but not too uncommon for vitamin C.
    13 times the RDA for vitamin E is too fucking much for a non-water soluble vitamin with no studies showing much benefit for over-dosage.
    SIXTY-FUCKING-SEVEN times the RDA for vitamin B1 is fucking asinine.
    29 times the RDA for vitamin B2 is fucked up too.
    10 times the RDA of B3 (niacin). Go look at the side effects of too much niacin (including inhibiting fat breakdown) and tell me if you think that's kinda fucked up.
    25 times the RDA for vitamin B6! HOLY FUCK! Ever hear of Ataxia? (here's a helpful link: Ataxia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Chronic overdosing of B6 is linked to ataxia.
    33 times the RDA for vitamin B12. Serious. Fucking. Overkill.
    40 times the RDA for vitamin B5. Okay, that's serious overkill, *however* B5 is one of those rare cases where megadosing isn't potentially harmful, and might have some good effects.

    The ingredients are nothing special. I see no special preparations or treatments to increase absorption or bioavailability, except for increasing the dosage to insane amounts. I also see calcium in the same pill as zinc, and calcium inhibits zinc absorption, so in that one aspect, it's actually not well thought out.

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