I just picked up 3 X 36 ius of Genotropin HGH. Was wondering if anyone has ever used it and if so how was it?

I got it for my girlfriend who has psoriatic arthritis (29 years old). I've had her on Jintropin 1 iu/day and 10mg of Anavar for the last 6 months. She has not felt better since the psoriatic arthritis started. Also, she hasn't had her knee drained of fluid (40 cc's every 3 months) since too. I know what HGH and Anabolics do for inflamation and fluids. To bad the Dr.'s in the USA are morons!

So, How's that Genotropin? I hope it's better the the China Jintropin...I mean it has to be right, since it's Pharma grade...thoughts....oh, one other thing...I'm not a Dr., but not one Dr has made my G/F feel this good in years. Dr.'s don't know sh*t!