Anyone have any extensive experience with LMcDs UD2.0?

I'm wonering if there is anything inherently wrong with using a GVT style protocol as my depletion WO on day 1+2 and using an UPPER/LOWER split on those days.

day 1 would look like this...

A. Back Squats 40X0 60s 10x10
B. RDL 40X0 60s 10x10

C1. Leg press 3x20 60s
C2. Leg extension 3x20
D1. Leg curl 3x20
D2. 90' Back extension 3x20

its 16 sets for each muscle group and the TUT is there...opinions please. Am i messing with a good thing or is it sound reasoning to use this kind of WO?


PS been a while!