Hey everyone. I made a thread a few days ago how I was having heart palpitations and chest tightness. After I came off dbol & formeron last Tuesday completely, they gradually went away. By Friday, i was back to normal. (THANK GOD!) After doing some research on formestane in general, I found several other people who have experienced this same reaction if not slowly ramping up the pumps. (This was with CEL's forma). Most people experiencing these palpitations said to preload with Hawthorne Berry for 10-14 days to prevent the palpitations. Ive been on HB for 8 days now. It was also advised to start out with 40mg a day, and slowly ramp up to 100mg. (I immediately began with 100mg and had my first palpitation 1-2 hours later.) I just thought I would post this in case anyone else experiences this reaction in the future.

Regardless, all is well now. My question is, should I restart the dbol again? I will be using aromasin as my AI starting tomorrow and wasnt sure if im too late to start the dbol. I am about 11 days into cycle, test E 500mg a week. Or, I pondered the idea of doing a 5 week havoc/epistane backend, starting on the 7th week so I could continue my (dry) gains through week 12. Let me know what you guys think!