I did not really do to much data logging with this cycle, but it has been one hell of a cycle. I did not PCT properly from my tren cycle after freaking out cause of sides. I took 6 months off and just focused on my diet more and mentally preparing my self (i know sounds gay). I went from 196 from my last cycle of Tren, Test P and Winny. I have also come to terms, I am never doing winny again. It ruins my tricep day from joint pain. Well I went down to 178lbs but pretty lean from doing ALLOT of cardio (my lipids were bad after test). I got my blood work done again and the doctor said GREAT job keep up the work and that he is no longer concerned. I don't know the numbers off hand, but fish oil and flax seed daily helped and so did Niacin and Red Wheat Rice (think it was called that). Well here was my new cycle, I wanted to put on as much weight as possible and found a REALLY great source for primo so this is how my cycle went.

Week 1-8

Primo 700mg weekly
Dbol 50mg Daily (used to get my size back)
Test E 600mg weekly

Week 9-13
Primo 1g weekly
Test E 900 weekly
Anavar 50mg daily
Winny 50mg daily (cut out the bloat)

Week 13-20
Primo 1g weekly
Test E 900 weekly
Anavar 50mg daily

I am on my last few weeks of the cycle and getting ready for a test e 300 and eq 200 cruise. I feel GREAT. I am steadily gaining .5lbs a day right now. I am up to 206, my STRENGTH was off the charts with DBOL. My lifts were 315 x 12 on bench and 405 x 12 on squats. My strength is down lower now of course, but not pushing as heavy to prevent injury. I hope to be ready for my first contest by this April. There are closer ones, but I want to dial in all my symmetry first. This cycle has been a double edge sword though. Pinning this much is a pain in the ass and I CAN NOT WAIT to cruise. It has been very expensive and my costs are mind blowing cheap and it still put a major dent in the wallet. I am not sure if I will do another Primo Cycle again (wont ever say never) but I want to try Tren E again, but this time not on Test P (could not pin EOD caused my blood levels to go unstable)

Next full cycle I am not sure what I want to do...


Anadrol week 1-3
Test 500 1-12
Deca 1-12
Dbol 3-10


Tren E 1-12
Test 500 1-12
Eq 1-12
Anavar 1-12

I will never do winny again though, the joint pain is unbearable and takes me out of some of my favorite tricep work outs.