I decided to give naps a try a few weeks ago and I'm glad I did. I was placing a small order to test the waters since I have been jerked around by other guys in the past. My order was for test c and some EQ. TA was almost 2 weeks to the day and everything was just as it should be. Used it the day I got it and PAINLESS. I was expecting some pain since the oil seems so thin, but even with 3cc's in my tri there wasn't any pain at all. Going to try 3 in my bi's to see how that feels and if there is no pain there I am going to have some fun with this stuff. I am going to order again since there are some things I still need to add, but this was a GREAT first experience for me.

I have been around other boards for a while and have been "in the game" for over 10 years, so I like to think I know my stuff. I have a prescription to get my test at any pharmacy, but I STILL went with NAPS and I will again. The price is less than my co-pay and there is actually LESS pain.

With loyalty discount there is no reason NOT to give them a try.