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    meal planning

    So I'm currently tracking my average weekly macros in preparation to start my correct diet (bulking). But I'm a newbie here so bear with me. I have read up on the homework 1 for newbies, and im a little confused on what is the best method to plan your meals for the week so that you get the exact macros you need each day, split up into about 5 meals per day. Do you guys just look up nutrition facts on each type of food you eat and hope at the end of the day it ends up the correct amount?

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    O.k.... amount of meals per day is really up to you bro but for bulking 5 meals a day is o.k; however, I personally prefer to eat six meals per day, if you plan cutting diet six meals is best option, but it is just my habit nothing else.
    What you need to do is walk in your favorite store, when I'm in the U.S my favorite is Costco , and look for foods you like and read their nutrition facts, additionally, you have huge data base of nutrition facts online on variety of websites so use it!!!
    Planing varied diet takes really long time especially when you are beginner, so you have to armor yourself in patience! Look for recipes on this board and google and pick these which you might like. After you gather all recipes , math time starts! Let's say my diet requires 4000 cal., so I divide on 5 meals equally which gives me 800 cal. per meal and this is my starting point for each meal. Than you start juggle with ingredients for instance if you have too much calories in one meal because you use regular mayonnaise substitute it with lighter version. Remember that the same product nutrition facts very from company to company, so be sure to check other the same products because their nutrition facts may fit better to your meal.

    BTW with diet there is no hope, but laborious planning of each meal so there is no guessing at the end of the day.
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