Touchdown Naps! I ordered 3 10ml vials of QDL Test E but they were out of stock so they upgraded my order at no extra cost to 5 5ml vials of Accordo Rx Test E. No complaints at all. I also got some GP dbol, GP Aromasin, and GP Clomid. Im 5 weeks in and feeling great. Dbol is super potent. I took 30mg ed then up to 40 mg ed for 4 weeks and had awesome results. The Test E is good im gaining some really nice lean muscle. Naps made ordering easy and hassle free. I messed up a little on the payment and Naps Live Chat customer service was there to answer my questions fast and took care of everything! By far the best customer service experience I've had. My order showed up really fast for where I'm at and discretely. This was my first order with Naps but definitely not my last. I'll be posting my Accordo and GP experience shortly. Thanks again Naps for your quality service, another order headed your way!