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studies that show positive effects from hydrolysate whey protein?

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    studies that show positive effects from hydrolysate whey protein?

    As above are there any studies that show an advantage wen using this source of whey protein post workout. Even better if there was a study comparing it to a whole food source?

    Would there be an advantage to having a hydro whey and dextrose PWS compared to a whole food source in terms of gains etc if diet is nailed in?

    Hydro whey/dextrose, fish oil, joint support, multivit are the only supps I take and I am considering wherever or not to bin the PWS if I can get the same real life results from a whole food source immediately Post workout. If it gives a 5%-10% advantage over whole foods then it is worth it.

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    ...When we compare the digestibility of whey to the gold standard of amino acids, on which we base nearly all of our post workout nutritional data, whey flat out sucks. This is incredibly frustrating because all of the ways to maximize protein synthesis we?ve been discussing have used amino acids. So we need to either use pure amino acids or use something that closely resembles their absorptive properties. This is where whey protein hydrolysate comes in. The protein is already broken up into large peptides, so we get a rapid absorption with peak levels reaching the blood at around 80 minutes (Calbet and MacLean, 2002), compared to 60 minutes for pharmaceutical grade amino acids (Borsheim et al., 2002). Unfortunately, even the highly touted whey isolate is completely useless for our timing purposes here, because it just takes too long to get taken up by the gut (Dangin et al., 2002).
    In light of these data and the growing body of literature contradicting the versatility and usefulness of whey protein, it should henceforth be classified as ?moderate? or ?intermediate? speed protein, with only whey hydrolysate and amino acids existing as truly ?fast.? It may be difficult to adjust our thinking, but this is simply more dogma that needs to be destroyed in order to bring us up to date with the proper application of research.
    This is from the section "8. Whey is a fast protein, ideal for post workout."

    Top 10 Post Workout Nutrition Myths - Dave Barr |

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