Help please w/pct and advice on whether I should start or wait. Ty.

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    Help please w/pct and advice on whether I should start or wait. Ty.

    5'9 235lbs

    I've been getting in shape the past couple months have lost 20lbs while gaining strength and starting in October I'll be stacking Halo Extreme with Cyanostane. I bought the Halo Stack which inludes "Advanced Cycle Support" and have two bottles of E-Control on hand. My question is whether or not to take both these supps during the cycle or not, and if so how much? I know from googling some do, but I couldn't find amounts of each to take. Also, I haven't been able to find a site I trust for clomid can I pm someone about this or them me? (I hope I can write that)

    A little more background is besides the last 2 months I haven't worked out in 3 years. I guess I'm around 25pct? bf. I took a cycle of sus/d-bol when I was 22 and my strength went through th eroof benching easily over 4 about 75lb increase. In the last 2 months my bench went from 245-295. Like I said I plan on starting in October but anybody feel I should wait maybe till my b/f gets under 20? If so, what is the reasons/benefits of waiting?

    I appreciate any help/time given. Thanks.

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    your bodyfat is too high, drop to 15% before a cycle

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