Geneza Test E/Tren E mix

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    Geneza Test E/Tren E mix

    Just added this in last week into my cycle replacing separated Test E and Tren E from other labs.

    This compound is giving me the most pip I have ever had hands down.

    24-72 hours after quad injection I'm pretty much crippled. Even sometimes after 96 hours I still have limited mobility with a great deal of pain radiating across my whole quad from knee to hip.

    Any ideas to reduce this pip? I already warm the oil and inject immediately following a shower.

    This pip not only affects my workouts but everyday life. Its tough to sleep not because of tren sides but because my legs are in so much pain.

    All ideas are welcome
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    funny no responses, im in same boat as you with the test 400 shit is the worst pip i have ever had, my advice to anyone else is to stay away from it

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