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4th cycle: test prop, tren a, and ?? plus additional questions....

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    4th cycle: test prop, tren a, and ?? plus additional questions....

    I've been following this forum for a long time but this is my first post
    here. Not to sound cliche but the more I research the less educated I feel.
    Different forums share different schools of thought but rather than continuing
    to read every possible post in all the forums i decided to narrow it down to a
    few and stick to them. Over the past 4 years I have been trying to gain as
    much knowledge as possible about 'things' but I feel Ive only become more
    confused as what is the 'best' route to go with cycles. General statement, I
    realize. I digress...

    Anyhow...I am putting together my 4th cycle that I plan on starting October
    14th. My goals are to lean down as much as possible, in other words lose as
    much body fat as possible while maintaining my muscle mass. Ideally, I'd
    like to get down to 7% bodyfat. I know...real unique goal here! :-)

    My stats:
    37 yo
    203 lbs
    Bf 12%
    Working out for the past 15 years with some breaks (running, weights,

    3 cycles so far:
    First: test prop only - 300/week - 10 weeks

    Second: test prop and Winnie - 300/week / 50 ED (last 6 weeks on Winnie) -
    10 weeks total

    Third: test prop, tren e, and var
    Prop- 300/wk - 12 weeks
    Tren e- 450/wk - first 8 weeks
    Var- 80/Ed- last 6 weeks
    Hcg - 250iu/eod - 12 weeks
    HGH - 2.5iu/ed
    T3 - 25/Ed

    All PCT have consisted of clomid and or nolva at various dosages. Also, for
    this last PCT I took and am still taking Unleashed, Bridge, Need2Slin, Gear, and
    Post Cycle.

    I have continued HGH at 2.5 iu and T3 at 25 ED and am at month 8. I plan to
    continue for at least another year if not longer.

    So, Im thinking of doing the following for my 4th cycle:

    Test prop - 45/ED - Weeks 1-10
    Tren a - 60/Ed - Weeks 1-8
    HCG - 250iu EOD - Weeks 1-10 and in to PCT
    continuing HGH and T3 - 2.5 iu/25 ED
    And one of the following
    Var @ 50 ED week 4-10
    Masteron @ ?? Weeks ??
    Primo @ ?? Weeks ??


    -I still plan on having children at some point in the future.

    -I will be doing p90x 2 with 4 additional AM 30 minute jogs starting
    October 1st.

    -I eat clean and am fully aware that diet and calories moderation play a
    MAJOR role in cutting.

    -I loved Tren, not a fan of the nightsweets of course though.

    1. With all said, what would you tweak, suggest to change, etc for this
    cycle? I have just about everything under the sun in my 'little' stash of goods
    and whats missing, I can get pretty easily. Should I skip the Var/mast/Primo

    2. What do you think would be better for cutting? VAR or Masteron or Primo?
    If Masteron or Primo, what dosage and weeks do you recommend? Ive taken Winnie
    but am not a fan. I have also tried clen but don't like either.

    3. I read that it is an absolute necessity to take an ai while on tren in
    may sources yet in others I read to just have it 'on hand'. What ai fits best
    with this cycle?

    4. What do you think would be the best PCT here? Duration?

    5. Is there a point in taking any/all of the following during cycle and/or
    after cycle? Need2burn, Gear, Unleashed, Post Cycle, N2 guard, and

    6. What support supplements do you recommend while on this cycle as well as
    afterwards? With all previous cycles and in between I have taken Fish oils,
    flaxseed, liver support, B12, glucosamine, sam-e, saw palmetto, milk thistle,
    and AMP ripped vitapak program.

    7. Is there any overkill in what I have listed that I'm taking?

    8. Do you know of/recommend and good appetite suppressants? I eat very well
    and clean at about 2500-3k calories a day but come post 11 pm I am absolutely
    starving and often times 'slip' and eat an extra 500-1000 or so calories (clean
    for the most part, but detrimental for loosing body fat IMO). with this next
    cycle I plan on keeping calories under 2500/day.

    9. I feel emotionally wonderful whole on cycle. I've been battling
    depression for 15 years but the 3 times I have been on cycle I've really felt
    fantastic with almost no depression. I have been taking Welbutrin/Lexapro for
    about 5 years but this does nothing compared to being on cycle. Anybody have any
    insight to share here? TO ask a stupid question, but how in earth coukd one
    carry on the great feelings of being on cycle into being off cycle? I always
    have an unpleasant energy and emotional crash post cycle, some of which is due
    to clomid/nolva I suspect, but it does pass. Just feel lazy as hell for 3-4

    10. What do you think of adding armidex or proviron and/or forma stanz to
    my cycle or PCT? (somewhat redundant to question 3)

    11. Is there any support that pinning test prop and tren A ED vs EOD is
    better? Personally I rather like pinning so ED is no problem.

    12. I have had bad acne since the end of my first cycle....never seems to
    go away and its almost all on my back. I've used just about every over the
    counter option out there with very little luck. Any suggestions on what to use?

    Thank you for reading my post and offering any feedback you can...even if
    it be to bash my possible ignorance in regards to the AAS world!!! :-)

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    essentially duplicate post here to the one from last week - didnt see any of the responses until a few minutes ago! Sorry about that guys - guess I'm too inept to figure out the site!

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    Adding accutane may help with the acne it did for me just have to be careful with your heart. I would throw in masteron which is a great cutting product and won't convert to estrogen. Your cycle seems spot on. The hardest part is depression and rage but just finding ways around it works best. When you start taking medication for pysch problems like depression and anger it will only hide and mask the problem while intensifying it.

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    For pct I would do hcg during like you said and after 250-500ius Ed for ten days.. Throwing In arimadex .5mg eod during cycle will help prevent any estrogen from being produced in the first place. Adding masteron to the last half of your cycle will yield good results as long as ester is propionate. Deca works well for the first half for cutting as well.

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    As for pinning Ed or eod i prefer Ed with one day off like Sunday. Another option for the acne would be proactive which worked wonders for me. Keeps your levels constant is key when dealing with fast esters like acetate and propionate.

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    Higher proteins and fats add 1000calories eat 6 times a day

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