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**Important Information**

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    **Important Information**

    Hey guys,

    Please please please do everything that we ask of you in our emails the first time around. To many times people have been saying they got it all and come to find out it's not. Please take the extra 2 or 3 seconds it takes to ask a question to verify. Not doing so will lead to both of us waiting longer then we'd like. We are about to step our game up in a major way, all for the improvement of customer satisfaction, but you guys have a part in that too. So please...

    Thank You,


    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    All information on Iron Magazine Forums is for entertainment and educational purposes only!

    IMF has no affiliation with ANY advertisors; they simply purchase advertising space here. If you have questions go to their site and ask them directly.

    Don't send a PM to me or any mods/admin asking about any advertisors, we will not respond. We don't know anything about their businesses.

    *Advertisers are FULLY responsible for enforcing the rules in their forums. Failure to enforce these rules will result in an advertiser being removed from ASF immediately.

    *No discussion of payments, lists or payment methods on the open forum.

    *No discussion of sending or receiving locations on the open forum.

    *No discussion of customs or seizures on the open forum.

    *No discussion of dates, transit times, or anything else that could be considered sensitive.

    *No discussion of ordering or receiving AAS in the countries where it?s illegal to do so. NO DOMESTIC DISCUSSION!

    *No discussion of mail or mail couriers

    *You may respectfully address issues however advertisor bashing is not permitted at any time.

    It's your responsibility to check the laws that govern your Country, State, or Province in regards to items offered by some companies and advertisors that you may read about on this site. We are not liable or responsible for any purchases that you make with any advertisor.

    Proceed at your own risk, and know the laws of the Country in which you reside.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate banning.
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