I started a Test susp. cycle 15 days ago, 70-100mg ED.
At day 10 I did a serum Total test. level and LH 2 12h post injec. were as following

Total test: 1.4 ng/ml (2.4-8.8)
LH : 3.5 (2-12)

So I did another test at day 15 75min post inject:

Total test. :0.8
Estradiol :13 pg/ml (10-49)

ALT 23 (0-49)
AST 35 (0-34)

Here is some pics of the vail:

The solution is milky with VERY fine powder suspension( can go threw a 31G slin pin!) ,cause bad pain at the site of injection last for a while.
The results are good, seeing good recovery and nice size and strength gains.

so now I have some questions!

1)Can the vail be faked with winny depot?
2)Does low liver values eliminates the winny theory(specially when injecting 1ml ED)?

I'm can be randomly tested at any moment,A fake vail freaks the hell out of me!!!

Really appreciate the help guys!!