Future Osta Cycles

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    Future Osta Cycles

    I have used Osta once as a pretty much solo cycle. I'm doing another cycle sometime pretty soon. i Don't use gear and done a couple light prohormone cycles in the past.

    Should it be fine to increase the dosage with subsequent Osta cycles, is it like prohormones in that manner? I know it will be more likely to cause some shutdown..any experience/educated input is appreciated.

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    It's a Selective Androgen Receptor Molecule. Meaning that it is selective for certain testosterone receptors in the body (ie, receptors in muscle tissue). If you increase the dose, then it will begin to lose its selectivity and begin cause the same side effects as testosterone.

    At what dose it loses its selectivity isn't really known and probably varies between people. Some people's nuts shrink at 3 mg per day and some others go 25 mg per day without the same side effects.

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