Hello every one
my name is osama iam 6.6 feets @ 187lbs (2meters @ 85kilos) i have always been skinny i have played basketball for 6 years my body fats percentage is 5% at max!
okay so heres the thing i want to gain some mass iam tired of being skinny and stuff i want to buckle up and everyone is telling me to take sustanon and deca-durabolin cycle but heres the thing i dont know who to trust in those matters so i need more than one opinion so i can be sure
how much should i take per week
for how many weeks
what should i be eating
what drugs should i take they say clomid and stuff
what are good brands and how much should it coast
so i rly dont know a thing about those stuff
a full program is what i need to tell me every thing i should take from the hormones and food
and thank you all for your help