I got gyno a few months back from running halo extreme and cyanostane from iron mag labs. I did all the proper pct and on the last week of pct my nipples started getting itchy than soon after lumps formed. They were at the size of peas by the time i ordered tamox and ran that for over 4 weeks and it only got worse. I soon could squeeze them and liquid would come out. I tried running torem and they started to get better than seemed to stay the same added in adex and nothing from that. I just started letro and caber. I tapered up to 2.5 mg and today was the third day at 2.5 so far no lack of libido or achy joints so not sure if the letro is legit. I ordered from puritysolutions. Nipples seem to be less sensitive than they were before but no change in size. My diet is very clean as i am trying to keep my bf at 10 percent nipples are still super puffy. Any ideas on how long letro should take or anyone know of a legit pharma to get letro from?