Andromix Question

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    Andromix Question

    Recently picked up some Andromix to give a try. I have usedthe test, tren & mast before but never in a blend. Have always gone by therule of having test be the main thing in my cycles so my question is I have plentyof test e on hand and would like to know if this would be a good item to use tokeep the test higher than the tren & mast. The website sates to use testprop but I don?t have any on hand. Looking for some feedback before goingforward.

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    I always run low test high tren. Alot less sides for me. Last time I ran test higher then tren I had to cut the tren short because of some shitty sides and the website says prop but test is test bro. If u wanna run your test higher go for it and see how it treats you bro. Also not being a dick but it seems u might need to do a little more research bro. If u had any questions feel free to pm me man.

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