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"complete nutrition," the store

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    Exclamation "complete nutrition," the store

    I searched for a thread that spoke about this place, but I couldnt find it.

    The first run in I had at this store was when I went back to S. FL. I just needed an RTD, as my parents dont have protein in the house. When I walked in, the salesman was a lot like I read on here. Very pushy, much like a car salesman. He wanted me to sign up for this and that. I told him that I just wanted an RTD for some quick calories and that I dont need to sign up for anything as I hardly come home. He wouldnt let up. I let him tire himself out, he handed me some samples of "Buzzerk" and I left.

    At work last week, two guys were handing out these gift cards for a complete nutrition store in the mall. They were what I want to call "gambling gift cards," as in you get $20-100 off depending on what the card is swiped at the register. I got two and thought, well why not?

    I go to their website and again, just like read on here, no prices. No prices for your own product? What gives? Not only that, but hardly ANY other brand than their own.

    I needed some whey isolate and I had time so I went into their store this morning. I made it a point to make it early so theyd be too tired to be pushy.

    I walk in and a salesman approaches me, but nothing too bad at all. They hardly did have shit for other products than their own, but still NO PRICES. None on the shelves? This is some odd shit. Even still, I decided to look at their brand and I find a 5lb jug of some whey isolate.

    I take the jug to the desk and told him about the cards. He says "its 25% off." Thats not what the guy told me. But say, how much is this jug anyway. $90. $90 for a 5lb jug? I can get a 10lb bag for $100 of a brand I know! He says hell throw in some fat burners that they value for $60. Even though, that $60 is overpriced, I look anyway. I am not being hard headed mind you, I am cautious, always remembering what I read here. I am giving the place a chance because, you never know, perhaps some people on here have sour grapes. Anyway, I look at the fatburners and all I see is that its fish oil.

    Their isolate said it had additives in it, but no disclosure of amount. Were talking BCAAs, probiotics, CLA, etc and I know this is what jacks up price but for all I know, its bullshit. If I knew the brand, I may take a chance. For example, Muscletech is overpriced, but its a decent product.

    That said, I told him no, put everything back and went to Vitamin Shoppe and got a 2lb protein of a brand I know. I needed 5lb but they didnt have my flavor. I also wanted some CLA, which I didnt see at complete nutrition and who knows what theyd charge.

    Anyway, this isnt necessarily a warning of the place. I just wont spend $90 for an isolate when hydrosolate is even less than that. Unless their products will make me have green skin and jump 2 miles at a time, I cant pay that much and not call myself an asshole for doing so when I know I can buy similar product, nearly as good, proven results, at a cheaper price.
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    This is a long ass story after years of absence, anyways welcome back. Hope more older members start posting more frequent
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