Maximpep's "BOGO" GHRP & GHRH Special

Maximpep's "Buy One, Get One" GHRP and GHRH Sale!!!l

Maximpep is proud to announce our "Buy one, Get one" special on all of our GHRP's and GHRH's with the exception of Hexarelin, which is on our 35% off special.

1. Ipamorelin
2. GHRP-2
3. GHRP-6
4. For the time being the only GHRH that we carry is, CJC 1295 (GRF 1-29)

Maximpep has given you a few different options when ordering from our "BUY ONE, GET ONE" GHRP and GHRH special.

You can always order one vial at a time, or take advantage of our 10 pack, bulk pricing specials .

Please remember that Hexarelin is not on our "BUY ONE, GET ONE" Special.

Please take advantage on both of our specials. 35% off all research chemicals, and our "BUY ONE, GET ONE" GHRP and GHRH special.

In order to take advantage of our 35% off on all of your research chemical needs, please enter the following code wcbb

You can take advantage of both of our specials on one order. You can purchase our "Buy One, Get One" special on our GHRP and GHRH family as well as entering Maximpep's 35% off for the rest of your order!