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I need advice on Test boosters

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    I need advice on Test boosters

    I'm talking long term here. I've passed the big 50 and am looking for a bit of a boost. I haven't done much research on the subject so please walk me through this SLOOOOOOOOWLY. I've looked at the supps from Ironmag Labs and I ASSUME they're all to be taken in cycles. If that's incorrect please let me know. On the other hand, maybe taking them in cycles is exactly what I need. If that's the case, please let me know that too. Bottom line, what would you recommed as a good Test booster for long term use?
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    While there are millions of otc test boosters, those to my knowledge aren't for long time use. You can cycle them and use otc ai's and pct products. Some of these are very popular. Orbit Nutrition - Buy Athletix Formula X For Cheap PES Erase - The Best Estrogen Blocker Supplement For A Low Cost and Ironmags Cycle support. However the best thing imo is to get your levels checked. Blood work can let you know how low if low your test levels are. I'm only 32 but was put on trt at age 28. I didn't have a clue what was going on, but felt tired every single day. Finally after month or so of blood work and b12 shots, the dr tested me test levels to find a 190 score which suckkks. Now after being on 200 mg test cyp for two and half yrs now, and I have lost 60lbs in that time span and feel much better. Get it checked and see where your at.

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    Sound advice from packers above!

    Definitely get a baseline reading on bloods and definitely cycle them.... TRT would be the only viable option for staying on something long term.

    I always recommend people to take Orbit Nutrition - Buy DS Triazole Extremely Cheap because it is one of the few that acts as a test booster with AI properties... And for stacking purposes you can go with triazole and activate xtreme or Orbit Nutrition - Buy PES Anabeta At A Discounted Price

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