Oral Turinabol (Oral T-bol) Cycle

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    Oral Turinabol (Oral T-bol) Cycle

    I've been doing some research and I decided that I want to do a 6 week (40mg/day) Oral Turinabol Cycle. Here's a bit about me:
    -21 years old

    Here's where I need help:
    1) As far as i know there's no oral test, so would tribulus help prevent my nuts from shutting down completely?
    2) What's the best PCT - clomid or nolva or something else?
    3) Do I need to run anything before my cycle or anything else after? - besides milk thistle for my liver


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    Search around the site man, questions like this have been asked for.
    As for as i know, many many people dont run a PCT for TBOL, ive heard of some guys running TBOL as the PCT, TBOL isnt strong enough to shutdown your natural test production my friend, enless you were taking it in high doses..? So in your case 40mg a day would probably warrant a PCT. If you wanted to play it safe to be assured your keeping all gains you could run a PCT, your choice. pins aren't bad at all man, But im a novice to all this. So go research. Dont trust any one mans word. Next time post ALL your stats. Diet,Training,body type Ect. Goodluck

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    1-I would run a pct with tbol.
    2- nolvadex for 3 or 4 weeks should do it.
    3- nope

    So I'm kinda in love with tbol. I would not do an oral only cycle but if I where it would be with tbol. But at a bigger dose. But in truth any oral only cycle is not going to give you much progression. You may look better while on but your not building size or strength. Kinda chasing your tail really. Now if your a frat boy that came to be 4weeks before spring break and said I just need a few pound to look a little better by the pool... Trying to get some strange ass. I would first give you a high five and tell you how lucky you are to be in that position. Secondly, if you said I'm not a body builder I may never hit the gym again, I would say tbol or var at 60-8o mg a day. But that's the only time I would recommend an oral only cycle to a male.

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