Body Fat Loss, Food please

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    Body Fat Loss, Food please

    Hi, I've sifted thru the links on this site, looked at the various meal plans, but was wondering if I someone could actually help me with a specific daily eating plan sample. Some background information...I'm 33, female, 5'2", 130lb, in the high-normal BMI range, but have never had my body fat percentage checked, but by looking in the mirror, believe me, it's too high! I have no major health problems except that I'm allergic to citrus and melon. My body also has not taken a liking to things such as flaxseed oil, so even though it's a good source of fat, it's not for me unfortunately. My family history is strong for diabetes, hypothyroidism and IBS though I do not have any of these conditions myself. I'm more "pear-shaped" for lack of a better term, and as far as body fat percentage, I have a "two-pack".

    Looking forward to hearing from someone,


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    Hi Monkey and Welcome to IM

    Your best place to start is Here and then come back and ask some questions. Read everything and I bet alot will be answered.

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    For the Female Cutting Plan I notice grapefruit, peaches and flaxseed oil are included regularly as is some dairy all of which I cannot eat...any suggestions for substitutions?


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    Originally posted by Monkey
    For the Female Cutting Plan I notice grapefruit, peaches and flaxseed oil are included regularly as is some dairy all of which I cannot eat...any suggestions for substitutions?

    Why can't you have flaxseed oil? I've never heard of someone not being able to have that?

    You can sub apples and berries for the fruit. Dairy is unnecessary....use a different fat source...flax seed oil comes to mind

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    That sucks man, I have a friend whos trying to bulk.... and hes allergic to eggs. Theres probably no way I could get the protien I need in a day If I couldnt eat eggs
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