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Kicking workout 1 day before my body workout will hinder recovery?

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    Kicking workout 1 day before my body workout will hinder recovery?

    My goal is to increase muscle size and gain weight. So i follow the below program and eat more calories than i spend each day.. After my body workout, i give a rest for 2 days... Workout---2 days rest---Workout---2 days rest.. You get the picture.

    My workout:

    Squats: 3 Sets X 8 reps
    Romanian Deadlifts: 3 X 8
    Standing Press: 3 X 8
    Barbell Curl: 3 X 8
    Bench Press: 3 X 8
    Weighted Crunches: 3 X 8-12
    Bent-over-row: 3 X 8

    So we know that you need to rest after your work out to give your body the opportunity to recover.

    I want to implement a "kicking workout" one day before my body workout.

    I will climb the stairs to 14th floor 2 times (for warming up) and then kick the punching bag for about 200 times or maybe more..

    Is this workout hinder my recovery process? Or is it going to lower my performance the day after during my workout?


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    i see that more as cardio, your legs may be tired so your leg exercises might suffer some.

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    Likely, your lower body lifts like squats will suffer the day after but other than that you should be good. If your goal is solely to gain mass I would stay away from the stair running and kicking for a while and focus on eating lots and lifting as heavy as possible with good form, and to do that you need to be well rested so the running/kicking might not help. But still your best bet is to try it yourself and see how you feel. Everyone is different.
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