37 yo, 3rd cycle, wt 195, ht 5'8", bf 20%, want to build mass,
I have on hand
Tren ace 100mg/ml x2
test prop 100mg/ml x2
test ena 250mg/ml 25ml jug
sust 250mg/ml x2
test deconate 500mg/ml
dbol 10mg 200 tabs
deca 250mg/ml x2

I wanted to run tren dbol and test. I heard you could run tren at 50-100mg/ wk with dbol at 50mg/day with 500mg test and expeience good gains with little side effects.

Any thought?
Btw i just ran a cycle of deca at 250mg per week with no test. Didnt do it on purpose..had bunk shit.