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Possible Concerning Blood Work Results... Please Help

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    Possible Concerning Blood Work Results... Please Help

    If you are knowledgable with blood work results, would you please take a look at my results and let me know your thoughts? I am concerned with some of the figures. I did this test via Life Extension so no doc was involved. Depending I feedback, I realize I will probably have to check in with a doc as well here. Wasn't certain where to post this one so pardon if this is a duplicate for you. A little background:

    37 yo
    192 lbs
    Bf 10% (ish)
    Working out for the past 15 years with some breaks (running, weights, etc.)

    Finished up my last cycle in the beginning of december:
    1-13 test propionate 75 mg day
    2-7 trenbolone ace 60 mg day
    10-12 trenbolone E 100 mg day
    1-7 masteron 50 mg day
    6-11 Avanar 80 mg day / 100 mg day week 10+11
    6-11 Provironum 50 mg day / 100 mg day week 10+11
    2-13 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
    2-7 and 10-12 caber .5 mg e3d
    3-13 HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - - human chorionic gonadotropin - - 250iu 2x week

    I started TRT after this cycle at 160mg test testosterone cypionate/week (2 x 80 mg per week). I have had low test prior to my first cycle. 2 years ago it was at about 330 (348-1197) and this past september it was 339. My doc suggested 200mg test testosterone cypionate once a month but I know this would have been a bad route to take as one injection per month would be a roller coaster ride.

    Also, mid December I started the following SARMS 8 week cycle::

    1-8 s4: 50 mg day = 25 mg in the AM and 25 mg six hours later.
    1-8 osta: 25 mg day dosed once in the AM
    1-8 gw: 20 mg day dosed twice a day - 10 mg in the AM and 10 mg twelve hours later

    Thank you!

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