Hello, Ladies.

As some of you may know, Purity Source Labs (PSL) is a new sponsor here at IMF, which offers the EuroPharm line of products. EP has been available for many years through various European suppliers and having seen much success, PSL has decided to offer this same line to you. Personally, I have extensive experience with this brand dating back to 2011. On every occasion, I have been well pleased. As a user of EP products, you can expect your order to be proplery dosed, professional in appearance, and packaged-shipped discreetly and securely. Customer service is prompt and curteous, as it should be with any buisiness desiring to be succesfull. We pride ourselves not only on what we know to be true, but also on proving it to others. To this end, EP will be regularly engaging in product testing/lab work, which will be conducted by the trusted and respected members of this website, in order to assure that you, the memeber, recieves the full and unadulterated truth regarding our products. We desire to be no less than the best and as one of many UGL's in the marketplace, we will take every step possible to ensure that we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack in the ways that matter most.

At this time, we have already selected a few male members to log our products, which is currently being done in the general AAS forum. However, we often find that the women are left out of this process and because of this, we are looking to select the right female member to log a cycle of her choosing (within reason, ladies), as we believe this will be of benefit to both our potential customers, as well as our business. The requirments for being selected are relatively simple. Most importantly, there needs to be a comfortable degree of trust present, as we are depending on the lady chosen to follow through on the agreement, which includes the following:

1.) You must agree to open up a thread in this forum, as well as the general AAS forum (a link connecting the two is ideal), where you will log your experience using our products throughout your cycle. More than just stats, we we want to get to know you as a person...we want to hear about your experience as a whole, not just the drug aspects of your cycle.

2.) Progress pics must be posted on a weekly basis, so members can see the results for themselves. How you choose to display your physique is up to you, so long as the other members are able to sufficiently evaluate your progress with the pics provided.

If you are willing to put your best foot forward and dedicate yourself to changing your physique, we want you. In addition to the free cycle, we are offering unlimited consultation throughout your cycle, courtesy of myself. As some of you may know, I got into the sport over 20 years ago and have been a BB'ing coach and anabolic consultant for 10+ YEARS, working with clientele all over the world, at all levels of the sport. Although my schedule is extremely busy, if you are selected, you will recieve free, unlimited consultation time, in which I will be available to answer any questions/concerns you may have regarding the application of PED's, as they relate to your goals.

If you are interested in logging EP products free of charge, please let me know by posting in this thread. Thanks. -Mike Arnold.