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Ladies: Post a pic, win free gear!

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    Ladies: Post a pic, win free gear!

    Pics of Pretty Women in Exchange for Gear!

    Hey, guys. Laborer (a new rep for the company) got approval from PSL to start up a new contest, in which we are giving away free gear in exchange for pics of hot ladies! Since the main thread is in PSL's sub-forum, I figured it was a good idea to put up a link here in the female section, in order to reach those who primarily post in this forum.

    The contest is simple. All you need to do is post up pics of yourself and/or pics of women you personally know (or knew) and at the end of the contest, we will select a winner based on which pic we found to be the most attractive. The winner will recieve 3 vials of gear and 100 tabs of orals. There will be 2 winners selected...one will be from IMF and another will be from ASF. However, there are a few basic rules which need to be adhered to in order to gain entrance into the contest. See below....

    Contest thread link:http://www.ironmagazineforums.com/pu...-ass-pics.html

    Prize Winnings!

    Each winner will recieve 3 vials of either Test Enth, Test Cyp, or EQ. Mixing & Matching is permitted. Each winner will also recieve either 100 tabs of Anavar, Dianabol, or Winstrol.


    * In the pics you choose to post, you (or another lady) can be wearing as much or as little clothing as you/they want. Nudity is NOT a requirment for victory, although women who are portrayed in a sexy manner are more likely to be selected as the winner.

    * Each pic posted must contain some type of verification which proves you are the person in the pic...or the woman you posted was personally known by you. The easiest way to accomplish this is by putting the word PSL somewhere in the picture.

    Final Considerations

    One final thing to consider. I have often found that when these type of contests are conducted, many individuals who are considering posting pics never do, robbing themselves of the chance to win. There are usually 3 primary reasons for this. One, the person posting the pics feels that he/she has little to no chance of winning and therefore, they post nothing. Two, the person who is having their picture taken is not comfortable posting nude/partially nude pics of themselves and because they feel that only those women who display nude/partially nude pics will be given consideration as the winner, they decide to post nothing. Three, the person having their picture posted fears ridicule or crticism and therefore, they post nothing.

    Let me just say a word about this before concluding. More than once I have seen unlikely people win this type of contest simply because very few people posted pics. If you are a pretty lady or you know a pretty lady, get inventive and post a pic yourself which you feel best shows off your sexy side in whatever way you are confortable with. There is no judgment here, regardless of the approach you take. I know without a doubt that there are MANY people here at IMF who could win this thing...and like usual, the winner will probably end up being the person who takes the time and effort to present themselves in their best light. Lastly, public attacks against anyone who decides to enter this contest (either the person in the pic...or the person who posted the pic) will not be tolerated. With that said, let's have fun!

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    Next beauty contest will carry GH and var , winny rewards
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    Wise Choice.

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