I never really ask questions anymore on this forum I usually just spend my days observing and researching until I have an answer. with that being said...
I have never taken anadrol. Mainly because I am usually cutting and I like beer.
My buddy asked me to get him some so i did.
Now, we been researching multiple things and here are my questions and what i think i know.
He wants to take 75mg/day. we have 25mg doses. should he do 25mg every 8 hours?
next thing: is an AI worthless because it doesnt aromatize? would an anti estrogen be better? but he wants the most size possible. after all, i made him pay good money for it lol. I told him to use some prami because i have came to my own conclusion that there is definate prolactin increase from adrol.
just to add... hes doing a testE cycle @1000mg/week for fifteen weeks with adrol 75mgs for first 40 days.