Cjc with dac, ghrp2 and humalin r

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    Cjc with dac, ghrp2 and humalin r

    Hey guys I'm thinking of giving humalin r a shot with 2mg cjc with dac a week and ghrp2 3times a day.
    I'm planning on starting with 4iu of r and working up to around 8iu. I haven't seen much info in regards to cjc with dac and slin.
    Anyone have any feedback about it?

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    use mod grf 3x/day (upon waking, post work out, before bed) with ghrp 2 100mcg each. personally i dont like the cjc w/dac - i d rather have a gh pulse than a bleed.

    4iu of humulin - r wont do shit. also 8iu of humulin - r wont do shit. i would work up to 30 iu per day split between 2 shots at a minimum (20 until yo uget a bit of experience with it, if you dont have it already my pardons if you do) but caution is always advised when using slin. until you gain experience with it maybe its not a bad idea to keep the dosages low.

    personally i would do one mod grf/ghrp 2 shot in the morning, wait 20 minutes then shoot your humulin - r. the insulin spike will decrease the gh pulse so the idea is to wait for most of it to finish. same thing for post work out.

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