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Help me understand the how it fits your macros

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    Post Help me understand the how it fits your macros

    Look I am no bodybuilder I do P90X and about to do a second round I am 5 ft 1 95 pounds want to get to 110 only have two ten pound dummbells for this program I am cutting out cardio to anyway can someone please explain what the how it fits your macros works?

    i would go to the gym I am a coach for beachbody I love bodybuilding but going to wait to make a decent income before I get membership anywhere.

    but can someone help me understand the how it fits your macros I am a heart transplant patient can't have any type of supplements under doctors order.

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    Help me understand the how it fits your macros

    First suggestion would be enter gym and ditch p90x. Especially at 5'1" 95lbs. Moral of the story = eat a lot more. Go on a steady bulk.

    Macronutrients are comprised of Protein/Carbs/Fats. Some people do rations of your total calorie intake, like 40/40/20 or 40/30/30, where those are % out of 100.

    You need a certain amount of protein to gain muscle with. There's not really a consensus, but it's somewhere around 1.5g/lb of body weight. At least, we'll use that for you. If you're doing p90x, then you need to eat like it's your life at that weight. The intense cardio is going to nearly demand higher carb intake. So maybe something like 180P/270c/75f, for a total of around 2500 cals. That's conservative IMO. You seem like you could stand to put some fat on too, just so you're not danger low. So, maybe add in some whatever you want to that, and get your Calories up to around 2800-3000 and watch the results.

    Tl;dr: macros = protein, carbs, fats. Carbs for energy and satiety, fats for hormone balance and to get them cals in, protein for synthesis and muscle building. Do a bit more reading and you'll be good to go.

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    I guess you mean IF it fits your macros. P90x might as well be cardio. I agree, ditch it. Use it as a coaster for your drink is what I say about all of these dvd's. Nothing special about them. Doing a bunch of movements back to back and sweating. Grrrr don't get me started on this junk...again...
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