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    blood work.....

    Is it feasible that "they" could come out w/ a device that you could do your own blood work from home?......considering you can easily check ur blood sugar levels from home......The only thing I see being a problem is the amount of blood needed in order to get bloods done....I guess they draw the amount of blood they need but technically how much exactly do they really need to do bloodwork?......I'm sure they take more than the minimum for a precaution.......I've read (from 1 o' the sticky's) that you can arrange to have bloodwork done w/ out a Dr.'s auth/script, however this way/option (according to the sticky's instructions) isn't available to NY residents.............Also, is it possible to simply pay out of pocket,make an appt. At a labcorp and go get blood work done for your own reasons?......or is there a law that you must have a Dr's auth/script to get blood work done?.......thanks

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    Privatemdlabs will provide the dr's scrip for the blood work, you just need to pay for it and you're good. If stuck in NY, try going to CT, VT, or PA for the appt.

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