PCT and test boosters

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    PCT and test boosters

    hello guys just finishing up test prop dbol cycle I ran pharma prop and dbol for 5 weeks, then iv stayed on the prop a little longer then planned.

    Anyway time to come off I have clomid nolva here and was going to run it :

    Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20

    I also have letro on hand. ( god forbid I need it)

    Cycle went smooth with no side effects I had blood test done on my liver and kidneys when was taking the dbol and doc said the readings were high (I used to get a small bit of bacne some time ago and have had some pills and cream for it on repeat, iv just stored these for a rainy day but because of the tablets he wants bloods lol, little does he know he's just checking how my dbol is doing . )

    I stayed on for alot longer then planned and was just taking prop the stuff is pharma grade from Thailand iv come to my senses and realises I'm not going to make dramatic gains of prop only, iv stayed lean on it and i had injured both my shoulders so I'm guessing it my have helped a bit of muscke wasting whilse I trained around it! Luckily for me the shoulders are 90% better and are almost ready to train again

    But back to the point of the thread was thinking of using test boosters to help my PCT along, is this worth the money? Should I run what ever I choose throughout the whole PCT or just after the iv finished the clomid nolva.?

    Also what do you's recommend does IM sell anything?

    I'm just worried I'm going to crash and my girlfriend will notice something

    so il have viagras on hand aswell lol maybe get some Calais? Is that how you spell it my friend said that stuff is crazy!

    Any way any info would help out alot just looking to bounce back soon as possible.


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    You should have run light HCG during cycle. As cheap as it is, you should run it to prevent leydig desensitization with any cycle causing HPTA suppression.

    I wouldn't waste any money on "natural test boosters".

    What were your actual dosages? It looks like a light cycle... so, I'd simply run clomid at 25mg/day for 3 weeks and get basic bloodwork done after.

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