Gp injectable dbol review

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    Gp injectable dbol review

    Haven't seen a write up on this so I just wanted to give a quick review.

    I just finished up a 20 day run of injectable dbol to help kick off my andromix cycle. I don't normally run "wet" compounds due to my high sensitivity to bloat, but after reading more about low dose pre-workout dbol cycles, I wanted to give it a try.

    I ran .5cc(25mg) Ed for 20 days. I was looking for increased pumps, strength, size and mood enhancement.

    Pumps- 8/10
    Could def see and feel a big difference in my pumps during workouts by day 3 and had a overall harder feeling all the time by day 7.

    Strength- 8/10
    Started to see some subtle jumps in strength the first week but was pushing weight a lot easier by week 2. The extra pumps prob helped.

    Size- 9/10
    Started my cycle at 224 and was 231 when I finished the 20 days. Obv the andromix had a hand in that but the lbs started adding on by day 3-4 and kept jumping a little here and there. The main thing I want to point out is that I wasn't holding any noticeable amount of water from the dbol. I looked pretty cut the whole time. I guess keeping it at 25mg a day worked to hold off bloat.

    Mood- 10/10
    I felt FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC on the dbol! I'm normally a grim kinda guy. I don't smile a lot and some people would say I'm an asshole lol. But while I was on this, I was laughing more, singing along to songs in my car, being nice to people who I don't really like and had a very optimistic outlook on life! I really enjoyed being a "happy" person for a few weeks. I'm back to being a cynical douche now

    all in all I was very happy with the injectable dbol. I think it was a great add on to kick off my cycle and I'd def run it again. I think naps is sold out right now, but if you see it available next time you order, you should def try it out.
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    Thanks for posting!

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