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Poodles Actually Ferrets: Buenos Aires Market Sells Ferrets on Steroids as Toy Poodle

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    Poodles Actually Ferrets: Buenos Aires Market Sells Ferrets on Steroids as Toy Poodle

    Don't you hate it when people try to trick you? (We all do!) Well, it just so happens that at a man at an outdoor market in Buenos Aires thought he was buying a dog and turned out to be buying well, a ferret.

    That's right, folks. The man from Catamarca thought he was buying two toy poodles from a market in Buenos Aires when in actuality, he was buying ferrets on steroids? It does seem rather peculiar, doesn't it? But according to reports from a veterinarian, the rodents were given steroids at birth to make them appear larger, better groomed and fluffier.

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    The veterinarian also informed him the ferrets "had been given steroids at birth to increase their size and then had some extra grooming to make their coats resemble a fluffy toy poodle," according to Yahoo News, who translated a report from a local Argentinian TV station. He customers paid $150 per poodle.

    Local news reports that another woman was also tricked at the same market when she thought she bought a toy and was instead, taking home a Chihuahua, according to The Daily Beast.

    We're not really sure how these guys could make this mistake, but then again, in the same situation, you never know. In any case, here's a little guide book in case you're caught in a similar circumstance, courtesy of The Daily Mail.
    -Ferrets typically have brown, white or mixed fur and are around 51 cm in length-which includes a 13 cm tail.
    -They weigh around three pounds and have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years.
    -When happy, ferrets may perform a routine known as the weasel war dance-which is characterized by a series of hops and frenzied attempts to bump into things.
    -This is often accompanied by a soft clucking noise called dooking. When upset, ferrets make a hissing noise.
    - Toy poodles are known for their intelligence and are around 25 cm tall and weigh around nine pounds.
    - If a toy poodle exceeds 25 cm height, it cannot compete in any dog show as a toy poodle
    -Toy poodles have been known to live as long as 20 years.
    -Toy poodles are described as sweet, cheerful, perky and lively, and they love to be around people.
    Want to find out more about this fiasco? Check out this video, courtesy of YouTube.

    Venden Perros Ratas en la Feria La Salada (Buenos Aires) - YouTube
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    hhhhmmmm first thoughts.
    what steroid did they give that animal....

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    Poodles Actually Ferrets: Buenos Aires Market Sells Ferrets on Steroids as Toy Poodle

    ..........WTF !!! If you can't tell a weasel from a canine , you deserve what you get...

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