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Tbol solo/Var solo or Tbol+Var Stack

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    Tbol solo/Var solo or Tbol+Var Stack

    Hi all. I?m planning a pre-summer cycle. Objectives: lean and harden.

    Experience on roids:

    1 PheraPlex 40mg/ed, 4 weeks

    2 Superdrol cycles of 3 weeks at 20/30/30

    My liver values was almost normal in this 3 cycles.

    I discarded Sdrol again because lethargies made me desire to end the cycle all the time and the thinning hair I was getting. Apart from this I got stronger ed and hard as a rock.

    So I was doubting between this 3 cycles (lenght 8-10 weeks):

    Var 80-100 mg ed


    Tbol 80-100 mg ed


    Var 60mg+Tbol 70-80mg.

    What do you prefer?

    Maximum secure cycle legth?


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    Why no test????? What the fuck is with all these newbs wanting to run oral only cycles? If your not man enough to stick a pin in you then your not ready for gear.
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    Every pin cycle affects my hairline. I find this two compound would be the easiest on the hairline.

    Most gladly I would use Test+Tren+Winny but... I dont wanna be a bald bodybuilder!

    Having said that, I?ll beaccepting more opinions

    Thank you!

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    why dont you do more research then. Orals are the only thing that ever messed up my hairline. Stay away from tren and winny that is probably what screwed with your hairline. Test should not effect your hair line and if it does look into nioxin and propecia 1mg a day works wonders. I would NEVER do an oral only and only would ever do two orals if its for a show and thats even stupid.

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