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    Hi. I am in need of advice on clen. So I can get the best out of them. I am currently weight training and on a lean diet plan. I have a personnel traininer who runs a group class on Strenghth increase and nutrition expert. I eat very clean I.e meat and nuts for breakfast, lean meats and veg.

    Also taking supplants bca 3:1:1 ratio
    L-Leuicine tablets 30 a day split in 3 10's... Pre load in the morning... Anabolic drive after training. I was 17.5 stone at the start but shed 3 stone on the plan and gained strength and muscle mass. But now I want to strip my body fat. Sort of cheat for now.. What is the best way to take clen and will it affect the supplements I am taking?

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    Stop reposting this, i already answered your question in general wellness.

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