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Purchase Peptides' T3

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    Purchase Peptides' T3

    Thought I'd throw up a quick review for everyone interested:

    As usual, packaging/communication/shipping/etc. was flawless, no issues there. I got a bottle of Clomid with this but haven't had a chance to research with it just yet, that will be in the not too distant future hopefully.

    Anyway, long story short, I had been researching with T3 from another source (which was noticeably potent). I switched over to the bottle from PP for a week and saw no noticeable change in effects, etc. So, I have no doubts that it's potent and GTG.

    As a side note, does anybody have any experience with keeping Liquid T3 for an extended length of time? I was getting ready to stop researching with T3 for awhile and may not use the rest of the bottle for awhile. I've seen some pretty conflicting responses on how stable/reliable liquid T3 is over the long term. Any advice is appreciated!

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    went through 2 bottles of PP T3 and didn't notice a thing. Got up to about 125mcg. Their adex seems gtg but it is the only source i've used for that so i don't have anything to compare it to.

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