Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Louisville KY or southern IN area?

I'm hoping this is an acceptable forum to ask this question because I really need to locate a doctor who understands men's specific hormone/testosterone needs and will work with patients to "legally" meet their goals.

I'm 52 y/o and my "manly" attributes have changed considerably. I have a prescription BHRT compounded cream which is great for cruising, but I do 16 week cycles of Test-C, Deca, and idex.

I started supplemental gear a few years ago when my natural Testosterone drop below 100. The Rx cream keeps me around 400-500, yet my estadoidal levels are consistently high when I get regular LabCorp labs taken.

A specialist who accepts insurance would of course be awesome ( I know one in Indianapolis), but I'll pocket the expense if need be in order to find someone to help me with my muscle building goals and keeping myself healthy!

Thanks so much for any constructive input!