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I stumbled upon this the other day, and i wanted to get some other peoples opinion on this. I know you guys will weigh in on this
one. I wonder if this might be something to look into further. I would assume if you throw in a quality AI, it might be worth trying.


The normal route for post cycle is to take an anti-estrogen like ATD in hopes that you will get faster recovery. Also people may take a SERM like Nolvadex to lower the estrogen levels in the pituitary. The major problem is that all this accomplishes is to send more signal. Remember the testicles are like an engine and the pituitary is like a gas pedal. By lowering estrogen, you are just sending out more signal, but this only works up to a point.
After a cycle, your estrogen and DHT levels are already at a low point due to the natural shut down. So, ther is no need to ?lower? them with a SERM or Aromatase Inhibitor. The pituitary already sees that the levels are low and is sending out tons of signal.
The best approach is to increase the performance of the engine in addition to stepping on the pedal. You do that with supplements that increase the enzyme activity in the testicles. The best three supplements for this are Forskolin, Ginger Root and D-Aspartic Acid. These three supplements will surely boost your testosterone production after a cycle. Forskolin increases cAMP levels, causing your testicles to be more efficient at making testosterone. Ginger and D-Aspartic Acid increase StAR synthesis, which is another enzyme in the testicles responsible for making androgens. By stacking these with an anti-estrogen you get the benefit of increased signal along with a boost in testicular efficiency.
The combination is the most effective post cycle therapy protocol. Additionally, you may want to take additional fish oil to help lower the potential blood pressure and cholesterol effects of a steroid cycle, but short term steroid or prohormone use shouldn?t have much of an effect long term as long as you have naturally low cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

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