Tips To Improve Sleep So You Can Lose Fat & Build Muscle

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    Arrow Tips To Improve Sleep So You Can Lose Fat & Build Muscle

    by Charles Poliquin Sleep for FatlossIt?s fat loss time for many people and sleep is an often overlooked variable that plays a huge role in your ability to turn hard training and clean eating into a better body. Studies show that the amount of sleep people need is very individualized, but chronic sleep deprivation will [...]

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    sleep problems

    I had sleep apnea.I could be heard from the other side of the house.I was raising the roof.I couldn't tolerate the sleep apnea machine so I elected to have jaw surgery to move my jaws foward.It was the most painful thing I ever gone thrust.Four months later I breath and fill so much better.Loss body fat and have crazy morning wood.My daughter thought I was dead because she couldn't hear me breathing.

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