In 7 business days, I received my product from - very happy! This was my first venture into ordering online - and admittedly, I was concerned about wiring money to an international bank! Fortunately, my friend assured me he'd done business with Napsgear extensively and gave me the confidence. So, I elected to wire $520 from my bank instead of using a service like Western Union. In approximately 1 week, the funds posted to my account. Relief on step 1. Subsequently, I ordered my products (Test Prop, Clomid, Arimidex, NPP, Propecia) and received these today ~ 3.31.13 and as noted, 7 business days from the EU to Arizona. Relief on step 2. does an awesome job on overdelivering in terms of service! Although they state 3 weeks for international shipping, they don't delay in processing - they must have shipped within a day of receiving my order. And, it was well-packaged and discreet. I even elected to have it sent to my work to ensure receipt. Very happy customer and excited to place my next order!

Since the above post, I have since in ordered from via Western Union on 2 occasions. Both orders were filled within 2 days and shipping. I received each in approximately 7 days. So, I continue to be impressed with their speed and prices. Furthermore, their packaging is secure and incognito. It had enough protection without "over-packaging".